About the program

Acting as an Innovator is a hands-on, interactive EU-accredited program that takes teachers on a learning journey with a digital dimension towards innovation. It aims to unleash their developmental mindset, open up their horizons and enhance their capabilities to be effective innovators that spark a love of learning among their students and bring a positive impact to their learning environment and their communities.<

Acting as an Innovator in Palestine aims to empower 400 teachers over three years from public, private and UNRWA schools in the West Bank and Gaza, based on a bottom-up approach that focuses on the teacher as the core of the education process, as he is the one who deals with students every day on the ground.

We believe that the Acting as an Innovator program is an opportunity to invest in the quality of education that our children receive. At the end of each program round, the Qaddumi community of teachers that Khutwa is working to build will grow and expand, as we work with its members in partnership and mutual responsibility, such that both our impact and theirs is amplified, towards a generation of lifelong learners who are able to uplift their community, give back to Palestine and achieve its prosperity.

Program Goals

The Acting as an Innovator program builds on our rich experience in our previous program “Sparking Dialogue on Education” implemented by Qaddumi Foundation in 2018 with our Finnish partners Omnia Education Partnerships, a program that brought together a group of teachers to discuss the education system we aspire to in Palestine, and took them on a study visit to Finland to identify the pillars of its educational system and draw inspiration from it in a dialogue on core issues related to education within the Palestinian context, in order to reach a common vision of the education we aspire to in Palestine.

Why Finland?

Finland is globally renowned for its educational system, which is among the top-ranking systems in the world. It focuses on learning outcomes that keep pace with today’s world and decentralization of education; draws on trust, transparency and independence; and gives great importance tothe teacher and his role in preparing future generations, with a strong focus on innovation and leveraging available resources to advance education.

About the Program